What do Chiropractors do?

A Chiropractor's main goal is to help people move better. Most patient's initially come to the clinic in pain and the first goal is to try and alleviate this as fast as possible. Once that has been done the real fun can start and we can start working on improving how your body functions. 

Chiropractor's use many techniques to help people, but we are best known for gentle manipulation to increase the movement at joints and decrease pain. This can sometimes cause an audible click or pop. Pain and/or immobility can often be caused by an uptight nervous system and manipulation works by calming it down which allows you to move more and thus help yourself get better more quickly. We then prescribe exercises to help the adjustments be more successful and again empower you to help yourself. It should never be a passive process.

So what's the clicking noise?

It's just small gas bubbles that form in the joint fluid and nothing to worry about. It's not your bones crunching or moving back into alignment as this isn't possible.

We will guide you through the process to help you feel at ease.

Get you out of pain
Get you moving better
Help you keep it that way